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Treenut's Forest Notes for 2022

Release of new transplants

2022 Farm Notes:

  • Check apple grafts.
  • Clear brush over and around new plantings (release) in windbreak.
  • Plant Oak, Apple, and Spruce from personal nursery to fill gaps in bottom, orchard, and windbreak.

May 2022: Find and Release last year's planting:

Spruce and Morels
Baby spruce and a surprise

Left: Spruce transplant with some welcome neighbors

This spruce is located along the south edge of the windbreak. It's main competition is grass.

The green flag means it was planted in the spring of 2021.

The painted stick means the original transplant failed and a new transplant put in during the summer of 2021.

The 6 Morel mushrooms mean I am very lucky and will soon have a delicious meal.

Below: Replacing failed transplants in windbreak area.

I only have a few 'rescue' spruce in my nursery but a bunch of apple seedlings and a few oak. So I decided to replace failed transplants with apple and oak.

  • I have a ton of apple seedlings that need to go somewhere.
  • Oak seems to do well on that hillside and I have White Oak which likes well drained soil.

Of course, I must fence in each Oak that I put out. This not only protects from browse it also marks the tree. I am not fencing the apple even though I know that deer like to eat apple. I just don't have enough cages.

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Failed 2021 transplant
Failed Pine transplant in Windbreak.
Spruce to replace failed transplants.
Apple and Oak to replace failed transplants.

June 2022: Check Apple grafts and more release/fill planting :

Apple buds in graft
Apple buds on graft

Left: Winesap graft on mature tree is blooming

This was exciting to see Winesap apple blossums on the first year after grafting. Will the graft be strong enough to support the weight of apples?

We'll have to wait for the answer because deer ate the young apples off of this twig. I guess we need to graft higher on the tree next time.

Below: Winesap graft on seedling rootstock.

These grafts will not produce blossums until the tree is old enough. In this case, the rootstock that is hosting the graft.

A graft obeys the addage; 'When in Rome....'

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Grafted seedling
Winesap graft on seedling.
Spruce to replace failed transplants.
Apple and Oak to replace failed transplants.