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"The very best time to plant a tree was 20 years ago. The second best time is now." - Chinese Proverb

Some notes from our tree farm in Centuria Wisconsin USA:

Since 1998 we've been working to re-forest an 80 acre dairy farm located in North-West Wisconsin. All the work has been done by family and friends.

Nearly all the hardwood trees have come from seed that we have collected and processed ourselves. Much of this seed was scattered or planted at the farm but a good deal was cultivated in back-yard nurseries to protect the young trees until they can compete 'in the field'. After one or two years in these nurseries, we transplant them to the farm.

We have learned much during this experience and we are continually learning more. We have had many successes and many failures but we consider it an honor and a privilege to spend our time and energy making the world (and the air) better for our children.

Some Links:

Forest Notes for 2018 Season -- in progress

2018 Farm Notes:

  • 2018 I ordered 300 Pine and spruce transplants to fill in some gaps in what we call the Windbreak. This area was a mature conifer plantation and has endured some hard times over the last 20 years and there isn't much left but brush and scrub. I would like to rejuvenate this into evergreen once again. May 6-8, 2018: Transplant Trees
  • Plant ~50 Red Oak and White Oak 3-year seedlings from my 'nursery' to fill in some problem spots around the farm and around the yard. June 1, 2018: Release transplanted Oaks / place cages
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Brief BLOG on the current 2017 season.

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