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Re-purposed Deck Wood Projects.

Pile of old deckwood

Stack of old deckwood for projects.

May 2023: Friend were resurfacing their deck and gave me all the old deck boards. These are weathered on the top surface but 98% of the board is still perfectly good (maybe 99%)

These should supply materials for lots of projects

June 2023: Rain Barrel Support Stand. :

I scrounged another rainbarrel from the curb so I needed to extend my support system. I had been using concreet blocks under each barrel and this was both flimsy and ugly.

I also scrounged some 4X4 treated posts from the curb -- a neighbor was replacing an old fence -- which were in good shape above where they had been in the ground. I used 6 of these 4X4's and a few of the deck boards to make this stand.

Rain barrel standg
Rain Barrel Stand.

Left: Assembled stand minus a few slats.

I designed this stand to be strong and flexible. The top slats are not fastened dwon and are held in place by the outside frame. They can be moved around to accomidate the drains in each barrel.

Below Left: Old Stand arrangement.

Existing two barrels atop stands made from stacked concrete blocks.

Below Right: New stand after staining and loaded with all three barrels.

All set up. Now if it would just rain!!

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Old Stand
Old Rainbarrel stand(s).
new stand.
New Rainbarrel stand.

April 2023: Planter box.

Planter Box ready to fill with soil.
Planter Box

Planter Box made from recycled deck wood.

This is a 3' X 6' planter box. Each side is made up of two 5-1/2" wide standard deck boards with the weathered side facing inward.

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June 2023: Stakes cut from recycled deck boards.


Stakes for various marking and support functions.

Ripped deck boards into 1-1/4" strips and tapered one end to a point (either 2-sided or 4-sided) with a chop saw set to 15 degrees off 90.

Painted top end to a color code used for marking rows.

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Previous projects made with recycled lumber.

Insulated Pump House to shelter well head at farm.

For more about this Well House: [click HERE]

Pump house.
Inside view.
Pump house.
Outside view (installed at farm).

Lawn Art Fountain support box

Fountain Box
Fountain Box.
fountain box.
Inside box showing pump.