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Replace Windows (upstairs and front picture window)


September 2021: Replacing old windows for the upstairs and front picture window:

window units
New window units from Marvin Windows

First step is applying Polyurethane finish to all units.

I had to unpack and dissassemble these units in order to apply two coats of Polyurethane. I could have ordered them pre-finished but I'd rather do this step myself. Then I know what was applied and how.

Below: getting these large units upstairs.

These units were too large and bulky to carry up the stairway inside -- and too navigate the corners -- so we took them up to the back roof, with a scissors lift, and then inside through the hole for the western facing awning unit (shown below).

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How to get large (heavy) window units upstairs
window units
All windows went in through this hole. With a little help from my friends (and neighbors)

After all window units are inside, install large awning window unit.

Mike, finishing the installation of the awning window unit; the heaviest of the upstairs windows, thus filling the access hole.

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Large window unit installed.
New window units from Marvin Windows