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Eight-legged Stools
Every one has a story.

Stool #6: Second stool in White Oak - Back to square edges - solid oak from fresh-cut, air-dried wood.

Stool #6
White Oak Stool

This is really my first attempt at working with 'normal' white oak. I built this stool the same time I built Stool #5 and I kept this one pure white oak so I could see the full effect. I don't use stain on any of my projects because I believe the beauty of wood should be allowed to speak for itself.

2d bottom view
Top View (click on image for large view)

This view showcases the beautiful grain of the white oak wood. I am especially proud of the joinery here because the narrow grain makes it look nearly seamless. I still don't know which I like better; red oak or white oak. So far it's a draw.


2d bottom view
Bottom View (click on image for large view)

I've signed these early pieces on the bottom face with a wood burning pen. On later pieces I changed to my full name. I'd like to desigh a stamp at some point.

I'm not sure how to go about this. I have tried to make a branding iron sort fo thing with little luck.