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Stools by Stuart
Stands by Stuart
Every stand (every stool) has a story.

"To practice any art, no matter how well or badly, is a way to make your soul grow. So do it!"; Kurt Vonnegut.

Stand #6: This stand is a test bed for some changes in style and construction of these pedistal plant stands.

Finished Stand.

February 2012: Last fall I gave a stand to someone who had a thickly carpeted living room. The stand worked just fine but I could see that it could be a little tippy if there were kids or animals running around. This made me think of making the base a bit bigger than the top. The main reason for making this stand was to see if this would still look good or if I needed to make the top larger to match the base.

Side by Side.

Side by side comparison with Stand #5 to compare the proportion of base to top. I think this kind of throws off the ballance of the stand but it definately is more stable.

stand 4-5
Another comparison.

Another view of the comparison between stand 5 and stand 6. it's dificult to see the proportion in photographs because the camera distorts things a bit. .

post biscuits
groove in base joint.

This picture shows a change in the construction of the base. It is very dificult to get this 'upside-down box' to line up perfectly so I used a 1/8 inch round over on each face before joining the frame with the stand base board. This effectively hides those minor imperfections in the joint.